Raccoon Removal Markham

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Raccoon Removal Markham

Raccoons are nocturnal in nature and are notorious for overturning trash cans while looking for food. These curious critters also make their way into homes and find shelter in attics, garages, and basements. Their dexterity and heightened senses enable them to easily break in and wreak havoc. To prevent considerable damage to your property, it's crucial to get raccoons out safely and quickly.

If you spot a raccoon on your property, it’s best to act fast as they usually scout an area before finding refuge in your home. At SIA Wildlife Control, we have the equipment and experience for effective raccoon removal in Markham (https://www.siawildlife.com/removal-services/markham/) while ensuring you and your family are out of harm’s way.

Why Should Raccoon Removal Only Be Done by Experts?

It’s common for people to attempt to get rid of raccoons from their property on their own. But more often than not, this only makes matters worse. When dealing with an agile and cunning animal in your house, it's best to leave the job in the hands of trained professionals. Raccoons are smart and conniving, and removing them on your own can be dangerous. The need to act immediately is great, but it ought to be to call wildlife removal services right way, and here's why.

  • Aggressiveness

Raccoons instinctively stay away from threats, including humans. However, if they are cornered, their aggressiveness will kick in. No matter how tempting it might be to remove a raccoon by yourself to try and save a couple of dollars, don’t. You might end up using thousands in avoidable repairs.

  • Diseases

Although you might imagine that it’s easy to avoid contamination, it’s a lot easier to be infected. Apart from coming into direct contact with an infected raccoon, bacteria can also be spread through the creature’s saliva, urine, and feces or contaminated food and water.

  • There May Be Babies

If it's springtime, there could be a high chance that the raccoon sheltering in your home has babies. Mothers are instinctively protective of their babies and will be extremely aggressive if they feel their young ones are under threat. Most incidences of raccoon scratches and bites to humans usually involve mothers and their babies. As such, it's best to enlist the services of experts.

Reliable, Safe, and Effective Raccoon Removal Services

If raccoons have been nesting in your home, there will eventually be collateral damage in the form of nesting materials, toxic droppings, among others. There’s no time to wait if you have a raccoon problem on your property. For safe, effective, and professional raccoon removal in Markham, give us a call today on + 1 647-715-6262.

Raccoon Removal Markham
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