Sanitize VR Headsets

With how rapidly virtual reality has been growing in popularity, there is still one hurdle that many people must get past. This is all about hygiene. Even if you occasionally wipe down your VR headset, is it enough? When you look at businesses that let multiple people use VR daily, are they also getting the right process down to sanitize VR headsets? This is something everyone should be concerned about.

Proper Hygiene And VR Headsets

Think about every scenario, and you will see how important it is to sanitize VR headsets. Say you are ready to go for a great VR demo session. However, you have two people and only one demo station. One person is getting the computer ready, launching your demos, and talking to people while managing other issues. Are they going to ensure that the headset gets a complete cleaning between each use? The chances are that there will be some problems along the way, and hygiene will take a backseat.

UV Sterilization Versus Traditional Cleaning Methods

The obvious issue with cleaning VR headsets by hand is that you can miss a lot of places on each unit. Add the possibility of damaging the headset when you use the wrong chemicals or too much. Then, you also have to think about all of the time it takes to wipe everything down. Rather than taking several minutes to do so, you could have UV light phone sanitizers that will get the job done in a fraction of the time.

Traditional cleaning for VR headsets includes:

  • Wiping down the foam and lens with a microfiber cloth. This is usually done dry with soapy water or isopropyl rubbing alcohol.
  • Depending on your unit, it might also be necessary to disassemble a portion of it to ensure you are getting everything cleaned properly.

When using ultraviolet light cleaning devices:

  • You never have to worry about wiping down all surfaces repeatedly.
  • You never run the risk of damaging the device with improper cleaning methods.
  • You never have to waste minutes with each cleaning.

With a UV disinfection robot, you have to put the VR headset inside and turn it on. After 60 seconds, you will have the ultimate clean by eliminating 99.999% of contagions. This makes such a unit priceless, whether you are using it to disinfect devices for your business or personal use.

CleanBox Has The Technology

Whether you are looking for a UVC clean phone sanitizer or you wish to have a unit that can handle virtual reality headsets, CleanBox has the products you need. This is 60-second cleaning that cuts through the dead skin cells, oils, sweat, and other contamination found on almost all smart devices and virtual reality units. With the ultraviolet light technology, it tackles all surfaces touched by the light and those in the shadows. Not many other units can say they do the same.

Do you want to know more about the easiest way to sanitize VR headsets and other devices? We have a full lineup of products online at CleanBox. Give us a call if you would like more information at (615) 208-4042.

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