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Rigger jobs are for sure one of the hardest jobs you can have. Due to low entry level for oil rig work, beside lots of job vacancies and mostly surprisingly good living conditions on an oil rig, getting a job on an offshore oil rig is still very attractive especially if you are contracted by one of the highest paying offshore companies.

To give you all the detailed information you need to make a decision if such a job is suitable for you, is the goal of our handbook. You will not miss anything you need to know before making a really strong decision and start with a rigger job. There are lots of opportunities and we did our very best to make sure, nothing is left out. You'll greatly appreciate this handbook if you've found a favor to work on the idea on an oil rig. We provide you with valuable and valuable information to help you figure out if you are suitable for one of the toughest but certainly most interesting and challenging jobs.

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