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Oil rig jobs are without a doubt some of the hardest jobs you can apply for. But there are people with total offshore careers, not missing anything. But these are for sure exceptions, but we collected everything you need to decide if you are made for a job on a drilling rig. The rig recruitment is procedure on it´s own, and you better know some insights before stepping on a platform.

What do you need to work offshore? what jobs can you do on the oil rigs? What is a twic card for offshore? What is the salary for oil rigs workers? What is the starting pay for oil rig workers? These are question you defiantly need to have the answer for. 

What qualifications are required for an oil rig job? And many more answers you gonna find in our well written handbook for everybody who is just thinking about oil rig opportunities in permanent offshore jobs, petroleum platform jobs, oil rig maintenance jobs, oil rig jobs for girls, oil rig inspector or whatever is in your mind! You will not regret to have purchased this handbook!


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