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u WHY you should not miss our handbook

Our goal is o provide everything to you, that your first experience offshore will be a good one. In our handbook, you will find a lot of important information. We will give you the answers on the most common questions:

what is the average salary of an oil rig worker?
what is the entry level job on an oil rig?
what is the salary for oil rigs workers?
what jobs are available offshore?
what jobs are available on oil rigs?
what jobs are there on an oil rig?
what jobs can you do on the oil rigs?
what offshore companies are hiring?
what oil rigs are hiring?
what's it like working on an oil rig?
where can i apply for oil rig jobs?
where do i apply for oil rig jobs?

These are questions, that we hear all the time. And this is the reason why we made this handbook. High valuable information, that you cannot buy in a bookstore!, 

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