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u WHY you should not miss our handbook

Our goal is o provide everything to you, that your first experience offshore will be a good one. In our handbook, you will find a lot of important information, that you should not miss out, such as prepare to be on duty at least 12 hours straight each day you’re on the rig or platform. And, information that might also be very helpful; e.g. that you won’t be able to download that Hollywood blockbuster or the latest bestseller with ease offshore.
Working offshore might be a really adventure even in modern times, but we think it´s a worthwhile experience, especially as wages could climb a height that you haven´t reached before.
Whatever is your reason, why you are willing to start this modern adventure, be prepared for some new practises and don´t miss our very valuable handbook with some with some very valuable information from experienced workers on oil rigs who are willing to share their experiences and share the information they would have liked to have before going offshore for the first time.

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