Benzyl Alcohol

Benzyl Alcohol

Are you searching for a new supplier of bulk benzyl alcohol? Consider Silver Fern Chemical for your next order. We’re certain you’ll be pleased with the range of products available, the service offered and the attention to logistics required by your company. As a global distributer of affordable products, Silver Fern Chemical continues to efficiently meet the needs of their clients across the world.


Whether you currently use Benzyl alcohol in the manufacture of your products or are searching for an eco-friendly alternative to what you’re currently using, you’ll find the best prices available from Silver Fern Chemical. As a natural product that is found in many plants, fruits and teas, Benzyl alcohol is the preferred ingredient in the manufacture of ink, paint, lacquer and epoxy coatings. As a precursor to many esters, it’s also used widely as an ingredient in soap, perfume and flavors.


Benzyl alcohol supplied by Silver Fern Chemical offers the following specs:


- Content: 99.5% minimum

- Distillation Range @ 203-206 degrees: 94 minutes

- Relative Density: 1.042-1.047

- Refractive Index: 1.539-1.541

- Benzaldehyde: 0.1% maximum

- Residue on Ignition: 0.005% maximum

- Chlorides: 0.005% maximum

- Color (hz): 5 maximum

- Water: 0.1% maximum

- Fe: 5ppm Maximum

- Acidity: 0.1% maximum

- Clarity of solution: Clear


Please inquire of a sales representative from Silver Fern Chemical if you have other questions or concerns about Benzyl alcohol- they’ll be happy to provide you with all the information you require. It is ultimately up to the purchaser to determine if this product is suitable for their particular application. Silver Fern Chemical is proud to work with companies and corporations of all sizes with Benzyl alcohol orders and can ship in bulk and in specific package requirements to meet the individual needs of your company.


Benzyl alcohol is quickly becoming a cosmetic ingredient of choice for many beauty product lines. As a preferred solvent that has been deemed as safe to use, it offers numerous benefits to the cosmetic industry over other products. Consider Silver Fern Chemical for your needs and contact a specialist from the company to discuss your requirements. The friendly staff from SFC takes serious the requests of every customer and is proud to offer exceptional customer service.


With multiple US stocking options available, if the product you frequently use is not currently available in a location nearby your facility, Silver Fern Chemical will be happy to position a product close by for your convenience. They understand the difficulty it can place on your manufacturing process to have to seek out a product when running low. For this reason, your logistic concerns are of the utmost priority to SFC.


Your supply of Benzyl alcohol is guaranteed to arrive to your door safely and in a timely manner, regardless of what it takes to get it there. Please take a moment to visit the website to learn more about the company and feel free to browse the extensive inventory to see why they’ve become one of the leaders in the industry.