Asset Recovery

Whatever industry you’re working in, you can be sure of one thing- you have surplus assets taking up space somewhere in your building or storage area. Every organization deals with surplus equipment, whether it’s from outdated equipment that is no longer being used or broken down, out of service or otherwise unwanted assets.
If your company is looking to you to get rid of your surplus equipment, you may be at a loss to know where to begin. Perhaps at one time someone was on your company’s payroll to manage asset recovery. If that’s no longer the case, there are several things you should know before you tackle the job of asset recovery:
- Excess Logic offers exceptional asset recovery services to the San Francisco and surrounding area, and can help you maximize your recovery for equipment that is no longer wanted or needed at your facility.
- You’ll need a partner that has experience and knowledge in how to recover the most out of what you have, a company that has established ties with multiple venues and will sell to end-users, not middlemen. Excess Logic can help you recover three times as much for your assets through selling directly to interested buyers who are looking for a particular type of equipment.
- Only a professional can help you determine which portion of your assets has no monetary value, which portion can be remarketed to make a financial recovery and which can be recycled. Some of your equipment may contain sensitive company data that must be destroyed so that it doesn’t end up in the wrong hands. Excess Logic will pick up all of your unwanted assets and manage the disposal, recycle and remarket services for you. You may even end up with some money in your pocket when they’re through.
- Deleting your files does not mean they no longer exist on your equipment. For expert data destruction you have to work with a company that you trust. Not all asset recovery companies that provide you with a certificate of destruction are legitimate. These certificates are easily forged and do not carry a lot of weight in a courthouse. A certificate is not a guarantee that the service has been carried out. Be sure you’re working with a company that is known in the community for their reputable practices. 


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There is no need to take chances when you’re dealing with a large compilation of excess inventory that you’re unable to handle in-house effectively. Don’t stress- call Excess Logic at 650-307-7553. They will guarantee you proper data destruction by more ways than just a name and a piece of paper.
One call to Excess Logic and they’ll come out and load up all of your unwanted assets and store them for you while they work to remarket the equipment that can be resold, and properly dispose of the equipment that has no market value. If it’s easier for you to drop off your assets, their facility is located in Fremont, Ca. Excess Logic is always eager to assist you with your asset recovery needs. Just call their experts today.

Convenient Access to Asset Recovery

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Cost-Effective Asset Recovery

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