Agoura Hills Landscaping

Agoura Hills Landscaping

Dream Green Landscape is a reputed Agoura Hills Landscaping company with experienced lawn care technicians, landscapers, arborists, and irrigation specialists. We possess the artistic flair and expertise to create a beautiful backyard on your property without burning a hole in your wallet.

What are some of the landscaping styles?

Homeowners can now choose a landscaping style that best suits their preferences, budget, and space constraints. As a pioneer Agoura Hills landscaping business, we help our clients narrow down their list of features and help them choose a theme. Some of the most popular landscaping styles:

  1. Traditional - This layout uses geometric shapes in the layout. It stresses creating practical and functional spaces for cultivating vegetables and fruit, a portion for BBQ grills, an area for fireplace, etc. Cape Cod, colonial, and English gardens are a few examples of traditional landscaping styles that we provide via our Agoura Hills landscape services.
  2. Mediterranean - The Mediterranean style involves statues, fountains, terracotta pots, and columns. It is perfect for homeowners seeking for stylish yet casual landscaping near Agoura Hills.
  3. Country - We create country-style garden spaces with flowering plants and rustic paving and asphalt. With inspiration from Victorian gardens, we create country-style yard spaces that include fruit trees, beehives, birdhouses, and other natural elements.

We also specialize in installing and maintaining Japanese, modern, and tropical landscapes. Our team of landscape architects has helped create the most tranquil and breathtaking yard spaces for homeowners in and around Agoura Hills.

How to determine the best time to start a landscaping project

Ideally, most homeowners resort to landscape planning in the spring. Plants and trees usually regain their strength during April, May, and June, making it the perfect time for pruning and trimming your flora.

Alternatively, you may hardscape your yard any time of the year. Landscapists can charge you premium prices if you hire them during the spring. Make sure you lock down the work dates with your landscapist well in advance to avoid high costs.

What type of grass can I plant on my lawn?

Laying sod is one of the critical parts of any landscaping project. Knowing the different types of grasses can help you choose the right one for your yard. Here are the different types of grass:

  1. Creeping grass - Bermuda is a creeping grass with high tolerance for extreme heat. It grows either above or below the ground and is ideal for properties located in warmer areas. Choose bentgrass, bluegrass, or fine fescue if you live in one of the hotter states. If you expect heavy foot traffic, choose something like perennial ryegrass or tall fescue.
  2. Bunch grass - This type of grass grows in one place and spreads out from the center in bunches.
  3. Cool climate grass - Grass options like centipede, Bahia, Bermuda, st. Augustine, or zoysia are ideal if you live in a state with lower temperatures.

Dream Green Landscape is the #1 Agoura Hills landscaping company specializing in construction/development, plant removal & installation, synthetic turf, water management, pavers, fireplace/BBQ, and maintenance services. Contact us at (805) 390-6017 to schedule a consultation with our landscape architect. Get in touch with us for a personalized quote and unique landscape ideas.

Agoura Hills Landscaping